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G-suit Size Charts

Small Regular 63.0-67.9 131-160
Small Long 68.0-72.9 131-160
Medium Regular 64.5-69.4 161-190
Medium Long 69.5-74.4 161-190
Large Regular 67.0-71.24 191-220
Large Long 71.25-75.4 191-220
Large Extra Long 75.5-79.0 191-220
Small Regular 160.0-172.5 59.5-72.6
Small Long 172.7-185.2 59.5-72.6
Medium Regular 163.8-176.3 73.1-86.3
Medium Long 176.5-189.0 73.1-86.3
Large Regular 170.2-181.0 86.7-99.9
Large Long 181.0-191.5 86.7-99.9
Large Extra Long 191.8-200.1 86.7-99.9

As can be seen from the size chart, currently g-suits are not made in "real-world" sizes. (This is why I want them to be made specifically for medical use. I have lots of design ideas.) Particularly for women, it is even possible to meet the measurement guidelines for the g-suit, but the g-suit still does not fit. Take into consideration that g-suits are made for fighter pilots - mostly males in excellent shape.

For women, from my experience, the size Small Regular corresponds to a Misses size 10 pants (in the United States) and can be adjusted to be smaller. The size Medium Regular at its smallest also works for a Misses size 10 pants (in the United States). The size Large Regular corresponds to a Misses size 16 pants (in the United States) but may be too long.

Currently the only color available is Army sage green. (United States Air Force Thunderbirds wear blue g-suits.)

Not many g-suits are available.

The NSN (National Stock Number) which represents an anti-g garment and its corresponding size is helpful when using the DRMO website to buy a g-suit. The FSC (Federal Supply Class) number 8475, which is for specialized flight clothing and accessories, is also helpful in the search.

Small Regular 8475-00-545-8197
Small Long 8475-00-545-8204
Medium Regular 8475-00-545-8211
Medium Long 8475-00-550-7394
Large Regular 8475-00-545-8221
Large Long 8475-00-545-8227
Large Extra Long 8475-00-545-8248

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