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Where to Buy a G-suit


When buying a g-suit, pay careful attention to condition, current model number (CSU-13B/P or CSU-15/P), and size. The offerings change so check back frequently. (Model CSU-15/P is made of shiny material.) If you get to try the new Full Coverage Anti-G Suit (FCAGS) Model CSU-20/P, please let me know how it goes.

Not many g-suits are available. Most used g-suits available are government condemned because they leak too much to be safe for fighter pilots to wear. Usually, though, the g-suits can still hold enough pressure for Orthostatic Intolerance (OI).

Wow! I am surprised to look through these sites again and see how scarce the g-suits have become. This is why I want them to be made specifically for medical use. I have lots of design ideas.

**A new g-suit design, called Adjusted Compression G-Pants, is being developed and custom-fit prototypes can be ordered.**

The information given is only a guideline because websites change frequently. All links to other websites open in a new window.

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Internet Stores

FlightHelmet -

  • Only a few g-suits are available at any given time.
  • G-suits are usually used (not new).
  • G-suits cost about $100 (US). The price is based on condition.
  • I have bought g-suits from this site, since then the company changed ownership (in 2008).
  • Search the word "anti-g."
  • www.flighthelmet.com

OLCnet -

  • Very few g-suits are available at any given time.
  • G-suits cost about $75 (US).
  • I have bought a g-suit from this site.
  • Look in the section called "Aircraft Equipment."
  • olcnet.com/index.htm
  • [Note: As of May 2011, this website is not available.]

Merit Apparel -

  • All g-suits are new.
  • G-suits cost $400-500 plus $10 shipping (US).
  • They do sell to civilians but only in the United States.
  • They used to manufacture g-suits. They do not make custom sized g-suits.
  • Send them an e-mail to info@meritapparel.com
  • www.meritapparel.com

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Internet Auctions

eBay -

  • Only a few g-suits are available at any given time.
  • G-suits are usually used (not new).
  • G-suits cost about $50-$100 (US).
  • Be sure to check the seller's feedback rating. I have bought g-suits from this site.
  • Search the words "g-suit," "g-pants," "anti-g," and "anti-gravity suit" in titles and descriptions.
    (Add these to "Favorite Searches" and eBay will e-mail updates/future results.)
  • www.ebay.com

DLA Disposition Services -

  • Defense Logistics Agency - DLA Disposition Services - US Government site that sells surplus property.
  • There are usually a few anti-g garments available.
  • I have not tried this site because I do not really understand the process.
    Here are some of my questions:
    Do they sell g-suits to civilians?
    What do the condition codes mean specifically for a g-suit? Are all of the g-suits condemned? Are any of the g-suits radioactive?
    What does demil (demilitarize or demilitarization) mean? Does it mean the g-suit is slashed or destroyed in some way to make it completely unusable?
    How does one inspect and get items from far away locations/bases?
    Does one have to buy whole large lot with other items in it?
    How does one fill out the End Use Certificate (EUC) paperwork required for a g-suit?
  • Look in "Property." Then search using the NSN (National Stock Number) which corresponds to the exact size of the anti-g garments or the FSC (Federal Supply Class) number for anti-g garments is 8475 for specialized flight clothing and accessories.
  • www.dispositionservices.dla.mil/sales/Pages/default.aspx
  • Also use all of the above information at Government Liquidation - Military Surplus and Government Surplus Auctions. www.govliquidation.com

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I have not been in contact with most of these manufacturers, yet. I do not know whether they sell g-suits to civilians.

David Clark Company Incorporated -

  • They make g-suits for NASA astronauts and MAST garments.
  • Look in "Aerospace" and "MAST Medical Anti-Shock Trousers."
  • www.davidclark.com

TransAeroInc -

Mustang Survival -

Switlik Parachute Company, Inc. -

G-Forces Manufacturing -

Beaufort -

  • They have made improvements in their g-suits for NATO fighter pilots including fabric, zippers, and reinforcements. External Anti-g Trouser model 'BAGS-MIL-01'
  • Look in "Defence Division." Search the word "anti-g."
  • www.rfdbeaufort.com
  • Also try - www.survitecgroup.com

Aeromiltec -

  • They have lots of pictures of g-suits.
  • Look in all categories under "Anti-G-Suits."
  • Requires a minimum purchase.
  • Based in Switzerland.
  • www.aeromiltec.com

Aeronautical and Support Equipment -

    74 Washington Avenue
    Battle Creek, MI 49017
    (616) 961-5169

Lite Industries -

  • Address unknown, possibly Long Island, NY

Highland Inc. -

  • They make air bladders for g-suits.
  • Address unknown

Eurotec -

  • They make air bladders for g-suits.
  • Address unknown

Libelle -

  • They are developing a g-suit that uses water instead of air pressure.
  • www.autofluglibelle.com
  • [Note: As of May 2011, this website is not available.]

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Search these Websites

I put together this search feature to try to make it easier to search many of the websites listed above. Please give it a try:

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Other Options

International -

  • Ask at a local Air Force Base or National Guard. They may help or know someone who can.
  • Institute of Aviation Medicine
  • Institute of Aerospace Medicine

Athletic Compression Gear and Recovery Clothing -

  • One of my website visitors mentioned doing well with a type of compression pants used by athletes. If you decide to give something like this a try, let me know how it goes.

Support Stockings -

  • My mom tried Sigvaris 500 series Natural Rubber. See FAQ for more information about her experience.
  • 40-50 mm Hg (class 3) Thigh Support Stockings
  • Does not have abdominal compression, which is important.
  • Use this size chart, which covers multiple brands: elitemedical.com/stockingsize.html
  • For suggestions and tips to try to create a successful experience with the use of support stockings, read this online article by the Northern Virginia CFS/FMS Support Group. (http://www.cfsnova.com/notes-SpprtHose.html)

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