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Orthostatic Intolerance can be a hidden blood circulation problem that affects quality of life.

Introduction and Update

G-suits are pants that can save the life of a fighter pilot. G-suits are pants that have "saved" My Life, too.

I had a chronic illness for 6 years. When I started learning about a problem called Orthostatic Intolerance (OI), I realized it could be causing a lot of the symptoms I had been experiencing.

So I took the test for Orthostatic Intolerance and the Results showed that I was having blood pressure, pulse, and circulation problems.

Then I read a book called Faces of CFS in which two doctors were doing the OI test and then fixing the blood circulation problem by using MAST trousers (medical inflatable pants). These were not usable in everyday life, so God gave me the idea of trying a G-suit. I found out that Research had already been done successfully using g-suits for Orthostatic Intolerance (OI).

I was so excited for the opportunity to feel better I could not wait to see Pictures of a g-suit. I also needed to figure out the Size and where to Buy a g-suit so I could try one.

When I got a g-suit, there were a lot of Basics and Fitting issues and other Questions to answer. I have even learned about the History of g-suits and that they were originally invented for medical use. My experience with a g-suit has been very good. I have been Wearing a g-suit daily since August 2001. I am feeling better and have gotten to do many things I was not able to do Before wearing the g-suit.

So now it is time to let others know about this information through this website.

There are lots of ways to move this idea forward for Researchers, Manufacturers, and Doctors and Patients.

As I was gathering information for this website, I was told about an exciting new development for Orthostatic Intolerance (OI) called an Impedance Threshold Device (ITD) (a small, simple breathing device).

I would like to give other people the opportunity to have the improved quality of life that I have experienced. I would not have wanted to miss out on all of the fun things I have gotten to do these last few years.

***Update 2014*** Since launching this website, I have had the opportunity to have a thorough Orthostatic Intolerance (OI) evaluation and participate in several Research Studies. Through this process, I found a medication that is helpful to me. With continued improvement, I decided to pursue College again. I discovered a very flexible degree program to complete my undergraduate degrees and will be starting a master's degree program soon.

Update 2018-2024 - I graduated in 2019!
I have noticed that the treatments that have helped me the most (g-suit, ITD, Inderal) all have one thing in common - increase blood circulation passively. With this in mind, I have been trying a warm bath (not too hot) to help with recovery after exertion, like going out for a doctor's appointment. It is extra effort at the time but the bath seems to help lessen the recovery issues - pain and tired and resting and/or pushing for days after. Also, even if I feel worse for a while afterward, if I take a bath mid-afternoon on a day that I stay home, it can give me a boost a few hours later for something like physical therapy (gentle stretching).

At the end of 2020, I was diagnosed with gastroparesis (slow stomach emptying). I have been trying lots of food, medication, and lifestyle changes to help those new symptoms. It's been a struggle, and I am encouraged by this article to try this medication in 2022 - https://drsanjayguptacardiologist.com/blog/mestinon-a-glimmer-of-hope-for-pots-patients/ (Note: Link will open in new window.)

For US military veterans - VA Disability Claims Process for Presumptive Illnesses

I chose a giraffe to represent this website in the logo because a healthy giraffe does not get Orthostatic Intolerance (OI). One of the reasons is that giraffes "have a very tight sheath of thick skin over their lower limbs which maintains high extravascular pressure in exactly the same way as a pilot's g-suit."
(Thefreedictionary.com Giraffe - encyclopedia article about giraffe: online http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/Giraffe, 6/18/2006. Note: Link will open in new window.)


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